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... I was always drawing secretly, even when I was not drawing, I looked at the world as if I was drawing it... (continue reading the biography)
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Al buio
The dark
oil on canvas
november 2011
“The flight of the bumblebee” Nikolaj Rimskij - Korsakovi

The Bumblebee burst into a room, my room, with a persistent noise, with an annoying and dizzying movement, an unplanned intrusion by an uninvited guess, in my room. Then I discovered that all those sounds that made me furious, recomposed themselves into the harmony of a song, a symphony.

The woman that I painted enters the dark room, a dark room.

How can you stay in the dark?

The woman is holding a small candle, a small piece of wax that she found so hastily when she needed it. She then walked into the dark room, which is now lit by the flame in her hands. She continues to walk and is forced to follow the impetuous movement of the small flame so that it doesn't die out. What does she see, what does she discover in the dark, illuminated only by the candlelight?

Her steps follow the light cast by the candle. She looks at the light and follows it; the darkness has been overcome.

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